This Is It


Lincoln is a psychologist and a photographer who has been printing photographs for over 15 years. Much of his work is with infrared photography. He has won many awards and has been represented in Fine Art Galleries in Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, California and Oregon. He is a father of four with five grandchildren.


"Landscape never bores me and when it's grand I am called beyond myself, which is a good thing. For me a good landscape rendering evokes at once a sense of familiarity and a mystery, the recognition of a place I've never been and never left."


The Process:

Most my prints are composite images. That is, they are made up of multiple digital frames stitched together in a computer. This image is then printed on photo paper, canvas or infused into metal. Only archival quality materials are used.



All images are for sale. I personally print and finish all the images I sell. I can print on photo paper and canvas. I use only archival materials and state of the art printers. The only exceptions are prints on metal which I have to send out. I have used many of these providers use the best ones. Please call me at 435-819-0932 or email me at lcastric@gmail.com for details.


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